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A Beginning-to-End
Solution for HIPAA
Compliance & IT Security

Healthcare providers and their vendors know how daunting HIPAA can be. Compliance is expensive, difficult and confusing. Worse yet, HIPAA gets in the way of doing what’s important: caring for people and clients. We help you go from zero to compliant, starting day one.

What providers need

  • Policies and procedures that are understandable, simple, and easy to follow
  • A Risk Assessment, Management Plan and other tools to explain, and help you comply with, HIPAA requirements
  • Forms that comply with the law and limit liability
  • Assurance that IT systems are reasonably secure
  • An easy way to make sure that vendors are secure and compliant and stay so

What vendors need

  • Policies, procedures and documentation that they comply with HIPAA
  • IT security
  • Risks assessments that providers believe and like

How it works


Become a client

  • Quick and easy
  • Provides the protection of attorney-client privilege
  • One flat, reasonable fee

Fill out the online questionnnaire

  • Can be completed by anyone and as many people as you choose
  • Submit when you're ready
  • Be honest! It's confidential

Review your assessment

  • We'll generate a risk assessment just for you
  • See your risks and compliance options
  • YOU decide how to address any issue
  • YOU control your budge


  • Receive all needed forms
  • Easy to understand policies
  • Ongoing help to implement

Attorney/Client Privelege
Complete Solution
Benchmark Against Peers
Price Hourly & Expensive Low upfront cost, but unbudgeted with residual risk Reasonable &
Full Risk Assessment
Customized Policies & Forms

Roy Wyman, creator of HIPAA2Z™, explains what the product does and means for providers:

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Roy Wyman was on The Road to Now Podcast to discuss how technology is transforming the production and availability of knowledge. He spoke with Ben Sawyer about how recent innovations are already affecting our lives, and where the future may take us.

Listen to the Podcast
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About us:

Designed by a former Chief Privacy Officer and attorney with 25+ years' experience, together with numerous security experts, and using cutting-edge technology, HIPAA2Z is brought to you by the Am Law 100 firm of Nelson Mullins, a leader in healthcare and technology legal services.

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